Rolleiflex 4×4 Baby Gray Model K5 (Grey) Type 127 Film



Rolleiflex 4×4 Baby Gray Model K5 (Grey) Type 127 Film

Serial: 2041257 (Gray) from circa.1965

Taking Lens: Schneider Xenar 3.5/60mm Bayonet 1
Finder lens: Heidosmat 2.8/60mm, Bayonet 1
Shutter: Synchro Compur MXV, 1 – 1/500 sec., B, X-sync., self timer.
Film: 4×4, Type 127 (A8).
Film Transportation: winding knob with auto stop on first exposure, exposure counter window for exposures 1-12. Blank film pressure plate.
Dimensions: 12.3×8.9×8.1cm.
Weight: 700 grams.

Very good condition and fully working.

Includes Lens caps.

Includes original retail box and original grey case.

127 was a roll film format for still photography introduced by Kodak in 1912. The film itself is 46 mm wide, placing it between 35 mm and 120 “medium format” films in terms of size. The image format normally used is a square 4 cm × 4 cm.

127 film stock available widely and on Ebay.