Kodak Brownie 127 Bakelite Camera with Original Case and Instructions


Classic 127 Roll Film Camera from Kodak

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Classic 127 Roll Film Camera from Kodak
The first version of the camera is made of dark brown Bakelite plastic and has a rounded shape, especially when seen from above. This is the second version moulded in a vertical ribbed texture on the sides, and has a flatter top with cream controls. The film carrier mechanism and viewfinder are attached to the top of the camera, which lifts out from the body for loading (when released by a catch in the base). The lens and shutter are mounted in the body section. Produced April 1959-1963 and has the Dakon, f/11 Lens and Rotary, 1/40th Shutter with frame size 6x4cm.
In excellent condition and fully working.
Includes original neck cord, woven case and instructions