Rollei Pistol Hand Grip With Rolleifix Quick Release Plate Rolleiflex Rolleicord


Rollei Pistol Hand Grip With Rolleifix Quick Release Plate

Rollei Pistol Grip With Cable Release For Rolleiflex Rolleicord TLR 6×6 Film Cameras.

The Pistol Grip is a useful addition to any Rollei kit that allows a completely different style of shooting. Best used in conjunction with a prism / eye-level viewfinder.

Includes Rolleifix Quick Release Tripod Head which can be detched from the grip. Designed for quick fastening of the Rollei to a tripod or the bracket of an electronic flash unit.

Can be used for all Rollei models with grooved edge on the base of the camera.

Using the quick release attachment with a tripod:
Screw the Rolleifix firmly to the tripod.
Attaching the Rolleifix to the camera:
1. Raise the catch on the under side of the lock-lever and push lever downward.
2. Place the camera on the Rolleifix and slide it forward so that the tripod socket reaches the forward end at the retaining grooves.
3. Throw the locking lever upward to secure.

Fully working and complete.

Good condition with some minor marks from being used.

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