Rolleiflex Automat 6×6 120 TLR With Zeiss Tessar 75mm f/3.5 Lens From c1940


Rolleiflex Automat 6×6 120 TLR With Zeiss Tessar 75mm f3.5 Lens From c1940

Rolleiflex Automat Twin Lens Reflex Camera.

Model 2 Produced from June 1939 – March 1945

Serial No. 997629

Taking Lens: Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75 with Bayonet I
Finder lens: Heidoscop Anastigmat 2.8/75mm with Bayonet I
Shutter: Compur – Rapid, 1 – 1/500 sec., B, self timer.
Film: 6×6: B II 8 (120)
Film Transportation: winding lever with auto stop, film pressure plate. Lever also cocks the shutter. Double exposure prevention.
Dimensions: 14.0×9.0x9.5cm
Weight: 928grams.

It has a detachable hinged back with exposure guide.

Can use 35mm film with the addition of Rolleikin 1 adapter set.

The camera has recently been cleaned with a new mirror fitted making focusing clear and bright. The film transportation is very smooth as is focusing.
Both lenses are in very good condition without any issues.
The aperture dial works smoothly and the shutter appears to be accurate at all speeds.

Film tested with excellent results.

There are some issues not affecting general performance but need to be pointed out.
The shutter release locking arm is not present.
It is missing a “foot” on the base though this doesn’t affect stability at all.
The small flip up magnification loop is also missing
and the self-timer does not appear to be working.

It has been a working camera and so shows cosmetic signs of use.

A good example of a usable vintage camera.

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