Have Your Camera Primed And Ready

Always carry your camera everywhere you go

Not only does this let people know you are serious about what you do, it also sticks in their mind that you are a photographer.

The main reason for me though is that you never know what you will see or experience on your travels!

Man reading newspaperHave everything ready, neatly put away in your camera bag or rucksack, and have it ready to pick up and go…mine stays by the door of the office. Get into the habit of charging your batteries straight away, emptying the CF cards, formatting them and cleaning the camera and lenses.

You never know when you are going to get that special image that could earn you bigtime!

One thing to remember when out and about is security. It is best to try to keep your camera concealed and not on display to any unwanted attention.

Cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II are perfect for carrying around as they are small and inconspicuous but have massive imaging power with both stills and video.

But, whatever equipment you have, take it everywhere and always have your camera ready!